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The Biography

A Short Biography of Kevin Quigley
(this is the "official" bio -- a more informal one to come)

My name is Kevin Quigley. I was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, and I've lived most of my life there. Quincy has been the inspiration for a great number of my short stories, including my first novel, Spare Parts. I've used my town as the basis for the fictional town of Sheldon, drawing on my experiences and observances growing up in a small American city.

Since grade school, writing has been the focus of my life. In high school, I became an editor for the school literary magazine, Stone Soup. I sometimes submitted to the magazine under pseudonyms because the publishers felt there were already too many Kevin Quigley stories. During this time, I wrote over thirty short stories, one novel, and a multitude of poems. At the completion of senior year, I received the 1993 Creative Writing Award, an achievement I am still proud of.

Leaving home at age eighteen was difficult for me, but writing helped me through that particularly tough time. High school in the past, I was suddenly able to explore new realms in fiction. I challenged myself by attempting different genres, such as science fiction, satire, and screenplays. By the late nineties, I felt confident enough to attempt a full-length novel. Then working under my own goal of producing one thousand words a day, I was able to complete the book fairly quickly, moving on to further short stories, and, eventually, another novel.

I also began writing book and film reviews for such publications as Phantasmagoria magazine, US Times Bestseller List & Review and genrEZONE. Working in the nonfiction field gave me the impetus to begin a journal, at least a page a day written upon completion of that day's fiction writing.

I am now at work on a third novel, a mystery, setting my fiction goal at two thousand words per day. Writing has always been, and continues to be, my greatest passion.

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