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The Links

Not many links as of yet, but you wait! When I get published (no, really, it could happen!) this place will be SCREAMING with linkosity. Until now, check out the places that have some tetherage to me as a writer -- they're cool!

Charnel House The Stephen King Site for the Discerning Reader. My first website, over four years in the making. Check it out -- it's cool!
US Times Besteller
List & Review
These people publish my movie reviews. I actually have a column! called Quigley Speaks Out. Check it out -- it's cool!
genrEZONE My book reviews! Here, you'll find my very first negative book review (Hannibal, by Thomas Harris), plus other fun stuff. Check it out -- it's cool!
Dueling Minds An intriguing website concept by my friend Brian Freeman: every month, the contributors are given a picture, and each of them will write a story about it. Hopefully, I will appear in the January 2000 issue. Check it out -- it's cool!
Bookmania! My newest site, detailing my years in retail hell. It's all fun and stuff, but I could possibly get sued for libel. Ah, the joy of being me. Check it out -- it's cool!