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Under the Arc-Sodiums


Updating the writing and
publishing career of Kevin Quigley

Photo Credit: Shawn Hill
I know it's a bad picture.
A new one to come.

Resume Writing Excerpts Charnel House

  • (10-18-99) -- A new review published! Read my review of the fil American Beauty at The US Times Bestseller List and Review. I got a column and a byline!

  • (10-18-99) -- Spare Parts is being looked at by a publsihed author friend of mine, who will send it onto an agent friend of his if he likes it. Here's hoping -- will my novel EVER be published?

  • (09-29-99) -- Sent "Brock Diner" to the Everything I Have Is Blue Anthology, edited by Wendell Ricketts. Keep your fingers crossed -- this could be my first professional fiction sale!

  • (09-29-99) -- Review of American Beauty, starring Kevin Spacey, has been accepted by US Times Bestseller When it is actually printed, I will announce it here.

  • (09-29-99) -- Handwritten editing of Spare Parts completed! Now, all I have to do is change the computer copy and I'm done! (Hopefully, I'll have time this weekend...)

  • (09-03-99) -- Two new reviews published! Check out genrEZONE e-zine for reviews of Hannibal, by Thomas Harris, and Prayers for Rain, by Dennis Lehane.

  • (09-03-99) -- Principal work begun on a new short story titled "Brock Diner." No more updates on that as of yet.

  • (09-03-99) -- I'm on Fire is halfway finished, but no set completion date. Shooting for Christmas, but no firm plans.

  • (09-03-99) -- Revisions of Spare Parts continue, set to be complete by the end of September 1999.

  • (07-13-99) -- Quigley's recently completed novel Spare Parts is still in revisional stages. Expect a completed draft ready for publication by September

  • (07-13-99) -- Plans for the novel Fenris have been temporarily put on hold due to the writing of a new, unexpected novel tentatively titles I'm On Fire.

  • (07-13-99) -- look for Quigley's newly published reviews in the zine Phantasmagoria. Find out more info here.

  • (07-13-99) -- Three of Quigley's stories ("Funhouse Frank and His Zodiac Freaks," "Night in the Doghouse," and "Last Night at the Bear") have recently been published in the 1999 SKEMERs Anthology (ed. Sarah Toll). This anthology is out of print now and hard to find, but check the SKEMERs Website for information.